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Wooden Rule 1 Meter Yard Stick Ruler Imperial & Metric Measurements mm cm inches Markings Hardwood School Office Tailors Bench with Handle for Easy Measuring (1 Meter Ruler)

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One object of such investigation is to find unit values for strength and stiffness, etc. These, because of the complex structure of the materials, cannot have a constant value which will be exactly repeated in each test, even though no error be made. The most that can be accomplished is to find average values. On account of the great variability in strength of different specimens even from the same material and appearing to be alike, it is important to eliminate as far as possible all extraneous factors liable to influence the results of the tests. Wood Height Chart Growth Chart Personalized Growth Chart Wooden Nursery Decor Family Growth Chart Baby Growth Chart The nail used to go through the holes was not small enough and could have caused friction between the nail and the material causing it to slow down. My graph had a straight line of best fit which represented the results gained. The graph had a straight line travelling diagonally upwards towards the right, this is because as the force of the weight increased the depression of the ruler also increased, and this is due to Hooke’s law. I drew a curved line of best fit for when the force used way 9.8N; this was because of elastic limit which is explained in analysis. There were some irregular results gained from some of my graph, but they were not seriously out of line from the best fit. These could have occurred from a number of errors: Size of the displacement: This was 0.2m. Each measurement has an absolute error of ±0.5 centimetre as each measurement is given to the nearest centimetre.

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As the weight increased, the bonds expand. When the length gets to 0.75M some of the bonds have started to reach there elastic limit. When bonds reach their elastic limit and the weight is taken of they do not return to their original size, making the weight being added have more effect on the structure. I think my results were quite reliable. There were a quite a few problems which affected my results. The fact that we couldn't stop the weights hanging on the piece of string swaying side to side hindered our results. The main problem was Hooke's law. As the force of the weights increased the ruler begins to stretch the atoms in that wood move apart in a regular way so that the extension of the ruler doubles each time that the force doubles. As the wire continues to stretch, the atoms in the wood move even further apart. As soon as the elastic limit is reached, the layers of the atoms slide over one another, and the length of the ruler increases rapidly. Once the force is removed from the wire, the wire does not return to its original position. This affected my results and meant that I got curved graphs instead of straight line graphs. The second experiment I will do is the compound pendulum, with this I will be able to work out the time period, and see if there is a relationship between the sag and time period.Air resistance, I did the experiment near some windows and this could have affected the experiment. Useful sewing ruler It is difficult to find a 1 metre sewing ruler at a reasonable price so this fits the bill. Nice to have metal ends so the wood can't split but the metal conceals the first centimetre and a half and the last 1+1/2 . If you want to measure a metre of material then mark a small seam allowance at the same time it is difficult to work out where to mark. The other side of the ruler's markings ends at 36 inches too so it's impossible to compare cm to ins over 36 inches. The same rule will be used throughout the experiment, so that mass and width etc. will remain constant. X2 on the graph is the point from the nail to the centre of the rule which is the length of the rule. Study of the mechanical properties of a material is concerned mostly with its behaviour in relation to stresses and strains, and the factors affecting this behaviour. Stress is a distributed force and may be defined as the mutual action:

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I also found that the rule was slipping from the clamp when the weights were applied. This also makes the rule much harder to bend than where the pieces were held together. This results in the stiffness of the material to be increased. I will drill five holes at the points 0.05, 0.1, 0.15, 0.2, 0.25 meters. This should result in enough data to draw accurate conclusions from. In my first experiment I aim to find out how weight and length affect sag. I will only change one variable at a time. I shall do this by setting up an experiment as seen on the apparatus diagram 1. Friction between the hole and the nail as well as the table and the rule. Sometimes the rule swung diagonally and might have rubbed the table. If successively larger loads are applied to a body and then removed it will be found that at first the body completely regains its original form upon release from the stress--in other words, the body is ~elastic~. Eventually a point will be reached where the recovery of the specimen is incomplete. This point is known as the ~elastic limit~, which may be defined as the limit beyond which it is impossible to carry the distortion of a body without producing a permanent alteration in shape. After this limit has been exceeded, the size and shape of the specimen after removal of the load will not be the same as before, and the difference or amount of change is known as the ~permanent set~.Wooden Growth Chart, Nursery Growth Chart, Wooden Nursery Decor, Baby Height Chart, Personalized Growth Chart Ruler, Kids Nursery Wall Decor

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The mechanical properties of materials are its fitness and ability to resist applied or external forces. By external force is meant any force outside of a given piece of material which tends to deform it in any manner. Meter rule ruler tool father's day birthday present gift dad children folding ruler personalized Christmas Air resistance: It is assumed that there is no air resistance and 100% of gravitational potential energy is converted to kinetic energy, and vice versa.Permanent set is due to the ~plasticity~ of the material. A perfectly plastic substance would have no elasticity and the smallest forces would cause a set. Lead and moist clay are nearly plastic and wood possesses this property to a greater or less extent. The plasticity of wood is increased by wetting, heating, and especially by steaming and boiling. Were it not for this property it would be impossible to dry wood without destroying completely its cohesion, due to the irregularity of shrinkage. When the distance between the supports increased the sag also increased, but not in a proportional way, just like in the wood. The reason it curved was just like the reason the wood curved, this was because the bonds were reaching its elastic limit. Once some weights were added the set up looked unstable and dangerous as the rule started to twist. This could have been because the clamps were no tightened at the same strength. For my first rough experiment I experimented sag. I set up the experiment which is shown under the heading ‘rough trials apparatus 1’. I first put two stands on a table and attached the clamps to the ruler so that 0.05 meters of the rule at both ends were covered. I then put a stand which was holding another rule attached by a clamp in the middle of the horizontal rule; this is to measure the amount of deflection. Then I put some string around the middle of the horizontal rule, this is to allow me to attach the weights. Height chart, Oak faced height chart, Children's Height Chart, growth chart, ruler, wooden height chart, personalised gift, Christmas gift

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