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Off the Deep End: A Thriller

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Oh yes before you fly off the handle ( if you haven't already) they did not have sex. he used a turkey baster. she didn't want to "blur the lines of their relationship?) she said " i helped him with his school project and he helped me with mine. He kept me alive i kept him alive" they planned that for WEEKS (the baby i mean) This book could have been so good, so much better if the adults were easy to tolerate. Jules might have even been someone who I could have developed actual sympathy for, if not for her gross behavior. Not something I really wanted to read about. Maybe things like this does happen, after all the author is a psychologist. It just seemed, out of place. The characters are fun. More fun I would say. The story well planned out with much details. The art is amazing as always. Minimal yet effectively entertaining!

The following version of the book was used to create this study guide:Heffley, Greg; Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Deep End. ABRAMS Books, New York, NY, 2020. Kindle AZW file. In the fifteenth installment of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, Greg and the Heffley family take a cross country road trip in an RV. And naturally, everything that could possibly go wrong, does, with hilarious, entertaining results. The Best of Friends gripped me from the stunning opening to the emotional, explosive ending. In this moving novel, Berry creates a beautifully crafted study of secrets and grief among a tight-knit group of friends and of how far a mother will go to discover the truth and protect her children.” —Heather Gudenkauf, New York Times bestselling author of The Weight of Silence and This Is How I Lied Thank you NetGalley and Thomas & Mercer for sharing this book with me. Your kindness is appreciated.Thank you NetGalley, Thomas & Mercer and of course Lucinda Berry for letting me read “Off the Deep End” in exchange for an honest review.

The book is about Jules, a mother, who crashes her car into the lake whilst swerving out of a deers path. She has her teenage son, Gabe, and His friend, Issac, in the car with her. She saves one of them. It's not her Son, it's his friend Issac. Many times, Granda stated he was “deeply ashamed” of his actions, especially when he tried to have a girlfriend, but was still involved with the Falwell’s. He even introduced a couple of his girlfriends to the Falwell’s, but never told them the truth of his relationship. Granda never stated he was sorry for his actions. Granda seemed to not have a moral compass. Jules Hart by her own admission has had a dreamy life one without tragedy and loss, that is until the night she loses control of her car and it plunges into the icy depths of the lake. In the car with her is her only child, 15 year old Gabe and the neighbours 15 year old son Issac. Now i bet your like what happens to Isaac and Jules since she's in jail? Isaac isn't in jail yet the trial hasn't happened and he's looking at like life and stuff but he is seeing a psychiatrist and while he was in jail for a bit THEY STILL HAD COMMUNICATION! THEY DIDN'T SEND THE LETTERS DIRECTLY TO EACH OTHER FOR FEAR OF GETTING CAUGHT SO IT WAS WRITTEN IN CODES. The ending is literal garbage - it wasn’t the focus of the whole book there was no lead in - no mention of what was to come… I get it it’s a twist but you don’t tell a story about 89 other things then throw in a WILD AF twist that has nothing to do with the rest of the plot thats just frustrating. NAH… sorry but this book pissed me right off and wasted my time. 🤬Some months later, Issac goes missing. Is Jules behind his disappearance after building a "special" relationship with him, or is it a serial killer who is active around the area? Huh? Trying to claim that a pool boy's affair with a college university president's wife in 2012 helped get Trump elected in 2016? Ludicrous and zero proof beyond a typical liberal's stereotyping of the evangelical sheep blindly following a supposed leader. What they call in the book a "campaign stop" by Trump actually occurred almost four years before he ran for president, so they are spinning this in a biased manner to build a narrative that's false. Trump was at Liberty because he was a non-religious TV celebrity, not a politician, and would bring credibility to the campus. First things first, this was MUCH better than Under Her Care. This was closer to Lucinda Berry's previous bangers—Appetite for Innocence and Saving Noah. However, similar to UHC, I found myself wishing Jules to get in the car with Amber (Isaac's mom) and drive into the river again. They are both insufferable.

Cons: Isaac, 15-years-old is missing and his parents are constantly fighting. Why are they not organizing search parties, putting up missing posters, or searching for their son? Is there a reason why the police didn't take his computer? Hard drive history can never be completely erased. Experts can retrieve the information. But when she writes an adult POV, she doesn't change her approach. The adult characters have the same traits as the children, so they come off delusional, immature, and annoying af. The amount of times a grown adult "giggled" in this story should be illegal. I never want to read that word again. Also proclaiming "I knew I was right!!!" when the lead detective confirms your suspicions about Jules potentially being involved with your sons kidnapping is possibly the most immature reaction you could have.Off The Deep End was not one of my favorites. I was drawn in by the premise of the story, but soon had difficulty connecting with the characters. My synopsis: Poor, uneducated, unsophisticated ‘20 year old adult’ pool boy has lots of great sex over years with an older, married woman while her husband likes to watch. Did I mention he had great sex with the wife? I think all three had their own kink, obviously. He rubs shoulders with wealthy and famous people, and is exposed to (and enjoys) the experiences. Ten months later Isaac disappears and Jules is at the heart of the investigation but did she have anything to do with his kidnapping? Jules has a secret but is adamant she is not the person they are looking for. Who has Isaac? And what dangerous secret is Jules hiding? I love road trips, getaways, holidays, vacations or whatever else you call it or can think of along those lines but camping is something that I hate. Even though none of these things have ever happened to me whilst camping, I felt for The Heffleys but at the same time, I laughed out loud throughout. Fun misadventures. I loved this. The book has two first person perspectives: Jules, who is having interviews from a psychiatrist, and Issac's mother, Amber, who is going understandably mad trying to find out what has happened to her missing Son.

I've seen Granda on the streaming documentary and he verbalizes what is written in the book about the Falwells--that he believes they used "Mafia-like" tactics and were "con artists" from the start. I don't agree with that analysis. They seem like a horny drunk non-religious "Christian" couple looking for a way to satisfy a wife with an incredible need for sex, then get upset when Granda pulls away after he gets a girlfriend.

The co-author goes on to claim that Granda's "youthful indiscretion" (a misnomer, like others in the book) "may also have played a not insignificant role in making a person like Trump president." This situation, the authors write in the book, is to "serve as a cautionary tale for those of us who fall prey to the powerful and the influential." No, it's cautionary for young hot uneducated guys having sex with hotel guests and blindly doing whatever a rich person says instead of using their heads above their waist to make good decisions. Granda made bad choices, often was misled but still he was an adult responsible for his actions. And this book seems to be an attempt to blame-shift by turning it into a major political scandal where the author is the mostly innocent victim. Falwell Jr. was the goofball non-religious leader that was impressed by Trump, but he was also known for not being the moral standard like his father. He didn't host a nationwide TV show like his father or create a giant movement followed by a third of the country as dad did, and if you look into the history Jr. barely was allowed to take over when his father died because he was so much unlike Sr. and had no interest in the religious part of the family business! (If you want a great read on Liberty, find "Unlikely Disciple," where a liberal non-believer enrolls and finds that the place is nothing like stereotyped Christianity.)

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