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Despite some scientists trying to handwave things in Arachnophobia, no species of giant spider could possibly exist in the real world. Made of Iron: A character suffers damage that should hurt or incapacitate them but is easily shaken off. Hermaphrodite: A character with both fully developed male and female sex organs. In real life, intersex conditions result in biological ambiguities between male and female, such as mixed glands, hormonal balances, chromosomal sexes, or sexually ambiguous/incompletely developed genitals.

Perpetual Molt: Birds, or fictional feathered species, are molting 24/7 and are rarely if ever actually missing any feathers. In Moonraker, Drax designs a chemical that will kill humans but not animals or plants. (A) Humans actually are animals and (B) a huge chunk of animals roaming the world have similar respiratory systems, meaning that they'd be killed too. Non-Mammal Mammaries: The females of a humanoid species have breasts when realistically they wouldn't have any. Planet of the Ood": Mr. Halpen is constantly downing hair tonic which turns out to be Ood-secretions that TURN HIM INTO AN OOD. Complete with the external forebrain, which can apparently break through the hard palate to come out his mouth. Savage Spinosaurs: Spinosaurs (crocodile-headed dinosaurs) being portrayed as overly aggressive and not as the fish-eaters as they were in real life.

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The Raft of the Medusa: Due to the elements of Classicisim Géricault employed (which focused on, among other things, idealized human forms) the passengers are still rather muscular and healthy-looking for people who've been starved and dehydrated for almost two weeks. Plenty of characters suffer significant burn injuries, but only to their skin and body. Their hair and clothing ( usually) remain intact.

Batman's physical capabilities are supposedly natural, without any artificial or supernatural enhancements, but his feats are greatly embellished. For example, he's able to bench press 1,000 lbs and fight for 28 hours straight. Even when Batman's feats are within the bounds of human achievement, they will clash with each other. The physiques required to be the best powerlifter, boxer and marathon runner are all completely different. Also consider that athletes who make record-setting achievements have carefully regulated their training for weeks or months beforehand to "peak" at just the right moment to perform. One cannot stay in a constant state of peak performance. In the Ghostbusters (1984) fanfic Massage , Egon is mentioned to have never gotten an erection outside of sex before, and that's portrayed as a sure sign he's in love. In reality, erections don't require sexual attraction; they can happen due to something touching the area, waking up in the morning, or even for no reason at all. In The Lion Guard , the eponymous lions have hands. And fingers. This defies both real biology and the source material, in which lions have very obvious paws. The premise of the movie (and the book). If the amber-preserved blood was any more than 1 million years old, the DNA would have been irrecoverably decomposed, no matter what it was preserved in. Cloning extinct species from before 1 million years ago is impossible. Also, if the DNA were available, we have absolutely no idea how to turn that DNA into a viable dinosaur egg in the same way just having a cake recipe can't conjure a cake into existence. You'd need complete information about how the oviducts of that particular species operated even to get started, and we don't even have any fossils of dinosaur oviducts, let alone a clue as to their gestational duration, average internal temperature, etc, as well as the fact no compatible germ cells could possibly exist for animals extinct for over 65 million years.

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the man with two souls , a RWBY fic, depicts Jaune's evil split personality as being physically stronger and more martially skilled than him. Despite sharing the same body. Independence Day: Resurgence sees Brakish Okun waking up from a 20-year coma and is able to walk around and talk as if he had just woken up from a nap. After being asleep for that long, his muscles would be suffering from muscle atrophy and would barely be able to talk. Cells at Work: Baby!: In the real world (and other Cells at Work! spinoffs), the "child" equivalent of a red blood cell would be an erythroblast, which the RBCs in Baby! clearly aren't. However, they are portrayed as children to show that, like the cells of real-life newborns, they haven't entirely grown into their roles and are somewhat inefficient in their jobs.

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